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Canada and the world is experiencing a massive increase in Medical and Municipal waste. Our Converter systems can sterilize the infected waste onsite and reduce both the volume and weight. This will ensure the safety of the Health Care Professionals and Workers, as well as removing any chance of continued infections or reinfections.

Waste Solutions

Our Solution involves implementing a system designed for the treatment of almost any types of waste. It converts Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Medical Waste to a composition that is sterile, disinfected and dehydrated. An end product material we call “fluff”. The waste is reduced in volume and in weight thus lowering Disposal and Transportation costs.

Fogdog Energy is partnering with the different Municipalities and Health Services across Canada to construct a No Landfill Disposal Facility (NLDF) for the disposal and processing of the Municipal and Medical waste streams.

how it works

mobile waste Solutions

waste management is a challenge because its content changes continuously.

To normalize the waste content, it is converted into a dry and homogeneous RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) through a mechanical process that reaches the temperature of 150 C sterilizing the input from infection hazards. Sorting collection or pre-treatment are not required. The system can manage many different kind of waste in a fully safety and sustainable way: municipal solid waste, industrial plastic residue, green waste, hazardous hospital waste.

waste RDF

Using waste that cannot be recycled as an energy source is one way to reduce the amount of waste that is sent to landfill. Known as refuse derived fuel (RDF) or solid recovered fuel (SRF), waste is first processed and then transported to energy from waste plants and cement kilns. Even taking into account transport costs, this often offers a cheaper alternative to landfill. It also reduces emissions of the air pollutants
that contribute to climate change, as the waste is burnt cleanly and efficiently to extract as much energy as possible.

the result light and dry

waste bin is an ideal bacterial culture microorganism

Microorganism proliferation and spreading is the biggest problem connected to waste management because It directly affects human health.
At the end of the treatment, the Converter produces a final product, generally called a “fluff”. it is completely
unrecognizable, odorless and completely sterile.
The weight is reduced by 50%, and the volume by 80% by the Vacuum pack. The vacuumed brickets can be stored for long periods. without smell, dust and the need to refrigerate.

advantages of the mobile unit


It can be moved with a truck


Different option for specific needs

fast power on

stand alone use

It can work without water
or electric connections

self contained

No building works required

sustainable and economic

no pollutant emissions

Liquids present in the waste are separated and condensed

no water consumption

Can be reduced down to zero

no waste segregation

Time saving

safe stock

No dust No odor No fermentation

easy to use

no special license is needed to operate

volume reduction

up to 80%

refrigeration room not required

fast cycle

converter® technology cycle lasts less than 30 minutes

energy independent

A history of confidence

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