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Canada and the world is experiencing a massive increase in Medical and Municipal waste.

Our Converter systems can sterilize the infected waste onsite and reduce both the volume and weight.

This will ensure the safety of the Health Care Professionals and Workers, as well as removing any chance of continued infections or reinfections.

To all the people putting their lives at Risk for the Country during these chaotic times – Thank You from all of us at Fogdog Energy.

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Our Solution involves implementing a system designed for the treatment of almost any types of waste. It converts Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and Medical Waste to a composition that is sterile, disinfected and dehydrated. An end product material we call “fluff”. The waste is reduced in volume and in weight thus lowering Disposal and Transportation costs.

Fogdog Energy is partnering with the different Municipalities and Health Services across Canada to construct a No Landfill Disposal Facility (NLDF) for the disposal and processing of the Municipal and Medical waste streams.

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