Project – Sylvan Lake, Alberta

Why is Sylvan Lake in support of a No Landfill Disposal Facility?

  1. China has previously accepted 2/3 of North America’s recyclables; however, much of this material was contaminated (for example not rinsed of food residue, or mixed with non-recyclable materials). As a result, China has made changes to what materials it accepts; new standards are resulting in pileups of recyclable material, and municipalities are facing increased costs associated with recycling services;
  2. Regular waste landfills are growing, and a safe sustainable solution is required.

How does a No Landfill Disposal Facility work?

  • If a facility is approved by Alberta Environment and Parks, waste products – regular waste, recycling, and compost, is converted into carbon “fluff”, and later sold for the conversion into hydrocarbon products such as diesel and gasoline;
  • Virtually any form of waste, excluding glass, metals, and some hazardous waste, would be accepted. This means residents would no longer have to sort recyclables from regular garbage;
  • This technology is used throughout Europe, but is relatively new in Canada.

What are the benefits?

  • The facility will divert approximately 15+ tonnes per day from the Red Deer landfill.
  • Less landfill means less greenhouse gas (methane) emissions.
  • A decrease in Disposal Fees and Transportation Costs.
  • No Additional Bin Programs.