The Town of Sylvan Lake.

The Town of Sylvan Lake has formalized plans to collaborate with Fogdog Energy Solutions Inc. in order to bring a No Landfill Disposal Facility to the community. A Master Services Agreement, and Facility Ground Lease has been reviewed by both parties, including legal consult, and the Town of Sylvan Lake is confident that this is an innovative waste management solution that protects public interests. 

Why is Sylvan Lake in support of a No Landfill Disposal Facility?

  • China has previously accepted 2/3 of North America’s recyclables; however, much of this material was contaminated (for example not rinsed of food residue, or mixed with non-recyclable materials). As a result, China has made changes to what materials it accepts; new standards are resulting in pileups of recyclable material, and municipalities are facing increased costs associated with recycling services
  • Regular waste landfills are growing, and a safe sustainable solution is required.

How does a No Landfill Disposal Facility work?

  • If a facility is approved by Alberta Environment and Parks, waste products – regular waste, recycling, and compost, is converted into carbon “fluff”, and later sold for the conversion into hydrocarbon products such as diesel and gasoline.
  • Virtually any form of waste, excluding glass, metals, and some hazardous waste, would be accepted. This means residents would no longer have to sort recyclables from regular garbage.
  • This technology is used throughout Europe, but is relatively new in Canada.

What are the benefits?

  • The facility will divert approximately 15+ tonnes per day from the Red Deer landfill.
  • Less landfill means less greenhouse gas (methane) emissions.
  • A decrease in Disposal Fees and Transportation Costs.
  • No Additional Bin Programs.
Max Series

Thanks to the power and flexibility of these machines, all types of mixed waste can be processed. MSW and Medical waste that includes sharp objects, needles, disposable lancets, bandaging, diapers, gloves, catheters, syringes, probes, small bottles in glass and plastic, filters, residues of meal of the infectious departments, residues of surgery and not easily recognizable anatomical parts.

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